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Lisa Hansen                                                                                  

Lisa is your conference host and your biggest fan! She is married to her favorite human, Greg, and the mother of 2 boys Grant (4) and Paul (2).  After a career as a mechanical engineer she followed her dreams and went to culinary school. As a pastry chef she now owns Rose River Bakery, one of the sponsors for the San Antonio Women's Conference


Lisa loves helping other women and believes that even in the busyness of life we can feel fulfilled! She created this conference as a way for women to come together to grow, connect, and have fun! Live events are life changing.  At the conference she will help you discover what fulfills you and how to live your personally fulfilling life! 


Instagram: @SanAntonioWomensConference & @RoseRiverBakery


Jenny Cooper                                                                              

Jenny is the owner of A Thriving Hope, an air plant design company in the San Antonio area. Her greatest passions are her faith in Jesus Christ and sharing her personal story of hope with others.  She loves grabbing a cup of coffee with family and friends, reading a great book, gardening, and breathing in ocean air.  


Jenny and her husband reside in San Antonio with their three fur babies Minie, Riley, and Jack.  


Instagram: @AThrivingHope

Christine Brinkman & Leslee Owen                                           

Christine & Leslee are sisters and they will be teaching together on the power and importance of community.  They truly love and live what they preach as the leaders of Babes Support Babes SATX.  Their mission is supporting fellow women body, mind, soul, and business. They whole heartily and faithfully demonstrate and encourage community over competition.


Christine is the mother of 3 children and Leslee is the mother of 4. They are each very involved in their local churches, love pink and leopard print, and can rock a dancefloor! They are always smiling and their enthusiasm is contagious!


Instagram: @bsbsatx



Mandy Boyer                                                                               

Mandy is a mother to 4, wife to a medical resident, and an incredible friend! She is currently the leader of the children’s group in her church and is often found serving the San Antonio community with projects like homeless kits.  On top of all of that she also shares encouraging, budget friendly ideas as @thestrivingmomma. Beyond her resume she is kind, genuine, and thoughtful. With ALL of that on her plate she is definitely qualified to teach us a thing or two about simplifying & prioritizing! You will instantly relate to her and love Mandy.


Instagram: @TheStrivingMomomma


Christie Cuthbert                                                                          

Christie is a mother of 4 boys, including a set of triplets, journalist, humor columist, fertility journey suvivor, and lover of laughter and joy. She writes for Today Parents, Scary Mommy, Alamo City Moms Blog and San Antonio Woman's Magazine and recently published her first book, "Mom, I Farted in Church": One Type A Mama's Journey Learning to Laugh and Let Go.


She is vibrant and fun and confident and you will love hearing from her and laughing with her.


Instagram: @ChristieCuthbert


Blanche Schuchardt                                                                   

Blanche Schuchardt is a Pregnancy + Postpartum Coach specializing in sustainable fitness and whole health. She is a birth advocate, placemaker and creative. She was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Community Development. She always loved coaching women through life + fitness but when she had three babies in four years a beautiful marriage happened and Strong Momma Fitness was birthed! She now coaches women through the motherhood transition and absolutely loves it. Connect with her via instagram @blancheschuchardt or email blanche@strongmomma.fitness! 


Instagram: @blancheschuchardt

Kat Garcia-Benson                                                                      

Kat Benson is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and behaviorism-focused nutrition coach. She helps women escape the roller coaster dieting cycle, find a healthy weight, improve their relationship with food, and have empowered and intentional eating habits without cluttering rules and restrictions. As a licensed and registered health professional, she is passionate about promoting clarity on confusing nutrition information and bridging the gap of science and application. She hosts a podcast and is currently working on building her YouTube channel.


Instagram: @unlockednutrition

Candice Stringham                                                                     

Candice is an amazing photographer and teacher! Shas taught photography classes for Cannon and at Alt Summit and currently works as the Photographer and Marketing DIrector for My Minds Eye.


Candice is talented, a true romantic, and a kind friend.  She grew up in Hawaii and Utah and now lives in San Antonio with her musical husband, her 3 boys, and 2 dogs. She will be teaching photography composition with hands on examples so get your phone or camera out and get ready to take beautiful pictures! 


Instagram: @CandiceStringham


Marcela Freeman                                                                        

Marcela is the woman you want on your team! She is a wife, a mother, a business owner, a certified trainer, a IFBB bikini pro, and a member of our Health & Wellness Panel.


Marcela shows that hard work pays off and that is is always possible to be kind.  She is the founder of Burn It In 30, a local gym that offers training and support in nutrition, fitness, mindset, and community to women making life transformations. The women who join are called Glow Getters and Marcela delivers on this title with every workout!  Come ready to ask her questions, because she is ready to help you!


Instagram: @MarcelaFreeman & @Burnitin30




We will be introducing you to the rest of the team over the next couple weeks!

They are amazing and you will love each of them!




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