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Rose River Bakery is proof that dreams come true!


My name is Lisa Hansen and I am so excited you are here. Since I was little I have dreamed of owning my own bakery. While I did not take the most direct route to acheive this goal, it has been a wonderful, twisty adventure! 


My mother says I baked my way through high school graduating only because instead of turning in my homework I delivered homemade muffins and cookies to my teachers. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. While working as an engineer I attempted to go to culinary school 4 times but it just never worked out (not the right time in my adventure yet). 


After moving to Texas to work for Boeing and marry the most wonderful man on Earth (both miracles in their own right), I had the huge opportunity to attend The Culinary Institute of America (seriously, dreams come true folks). Even in my WILDEST dreams I never thought I would attend the CIA! Well, with all the prestige that comes with the CIA so does a large pricetag. My ridiculously supportive husband and I (did I mention he is wonderful?) started flipping houses to pay for school. In 2015 I graduated at the top of my class with a degree in Baking and Pastry from the CIA.


Miracle number 142, I was also pregnant with our first child. So, with my cute baby boy at my side I got to work. I have been developing flavors and recipes and am so excited to share my craft, my passion, and my adventure with you through Rose River Bakery.



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